Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

Are you experiencing pain in your teeth while eating ice cream or drinking a hot cup of coffee? Do you bleed while brushing your teeth or flossing them occasionally? If yes, you have sensitive teeth. The sensitive teeth are those teeth that will feel pain when any food or liquid with extreme temperature touches the affected teeth. There can be several reasons for it, and teeth whitening in Melbourne is not the solution for it.

Teeth sensitivity in you occurs when there are cavities in your teeth or fractured teeth. The dentist also suggests that a worn filling can also create sensitivity for patients who have had fillings. Besides gum disease and exposure to tooth roots are also some of the causes that create teeth sensitivity.

If you are also suffering from teeth sensitivity, then you should immediately see your dentists and get it treated. In this editorial, you will learn about various treatments for teeth sensitivity. All the treatments are quite easy as teeth whitening Melbourne and take less time to recover as well. So, keep reading to learn about the best treatment.

Various ways of treating your teeth sensitivity

Using desensitizing toothpaste 

You can now find an abundance of oral products that aid you in eliminating several oral problems in your home. One such oral healthcare product is desensitizing toothpaste. It is a toothpaste with compounds that block the movement of sensitivity from one part of your teeth to another. In simple say, the toothpaste acts as an insulator between the teeth nerve and the teeth surface and prevents tooth decay.

However, you need to use the toothpaste a maximum number of times to start getting the results. The results may also take some time. After desensitizing toothpaste, several people have witnessed a significant reduction in sensitivity. However, if the pain persists, you should immediately see your dentist.

Fluoride gel

This is another prevalent method of reducing the sensitivity and pain in your teeth. The fluoride gels come created with properties that help you make your tooth enamel robust. Once it repairs your enamel, then you will experience a lesser transmission of pain while having food with extreme temperature.

The inlay, crowning or bonding

There are three methods to stop your sensitivity here. The crowning of your teeth is usually done to fill up the area of your teeth with a flaw. The dentists fill up the area to reduce the transmission of the pain from the teeth surface to the nerve. On the other side, bonding is a treatment, especially for those teeth whose roots and the surface get exposed. Bonding helps in applying resins to those sensitive areas. In the treatment, the dentist might offer you a local anaesthetic.

Surgical gum graft

When your tooth experiences lost gum tissue, you might also experience pain and sensitivity in your teeth. In this case, the root of the teeth gets exposed, leading to sensitivity. The dentists here take out a bit of gum tissue from another part of your mouth to cover that exposed area.

Root Canal treatment

This is another treatment that dentists usually prefer when they don’t find any results from all the above treatments. This is a procedure where your teeth’s soft part gets treated, and all the germs get extracted. This is one of the significant treatments for teeth whitening in Melbourne and offers you permanent results. You can always prefer this treatment to eliminate sensitivity in your teeth completely.


Keeping it short, these are a few treatments for teeth sensitivity. You should avoid eating harmful foods and ensure oral hygiene if you wish to prevent sensitivity. Dentist Near Me is reliable dental care that offers you seamless treatment and care for all dental problems.

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