6 Pros And Cons of Clear Aligners For Adults

Clear aligners or invisible aligners are an orthodontic treatment that aims to align crooked teeth. It’s a relatively new technology that, in some instances, is being used in place of metal braces.

Because it’s clear and may be removed, some patients, especially adults, prefer clear aligners over traditional orthodontic braces. But, as with other types of treatments, it may not be for everyone.  

Before requesting your orthodontist for clear aligners, check out this article to be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of invisible aligners. You’ll also find out if this treatment is ideal for you.    


Conditions That Clear Aligners May Solve 

The reasons for getting this orthodontic treatment remain the same wherever you may be. However, a broad range of products is available in several parts of the world, and aligners carry many names, depending on the manufacturer. For instance, Beam clear aligners are available in Australia and their counterparts in other countries can aid patients suffering from these problems. 

  • Gaps: Also called diastema, too much space between your teeth may lead to gum diseases and an unattractive smile. Clear aligners may close this gap to give you that sweet smile.   
  • Crooked teeth: Misaligned pearly whites often impact a person’s self-esteem. As a result, individuals with crooked teeth don’t open their mouths to flash a smile.
  • Crowded teeth: Your mouth becomes crowded when you have more teeth than your jaw can carry. Apart from aesthetic issues, a person is highly prone to oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Clear aligners may be effective depending on the severity of the overlap.
  • Overbite: Occurs when the front teeth overlap with the lower teeth, causing chewing and biting problems. 
  • Underbite: The opposite of overbite, where the lower front teeth extend over the upper teeth. Speech problems are often attributed to people who have this condition. In some cases, clear aligners may not be enough to treat an underbite.
  • Open bite: This occurs when your lower and upper teeth don’t close properly due to misalignment.  

Despite their treatment capacities, clear aligners have their limitations. Severe misalignment may need other forms of treatment. Choosing the best dentist is key to addressing your issues through comprehensive treatment.  

Pros Of Clear Aligners 

Let’s evaluate clear aligners further by listing down the upsides of using them to ease oral issues. Clear aligners Australia can provide the following benefits even to adult users. 

  • They Are Discreet

Clear aligners work well for those who aren’t blessed with a perfect set of pearly whites because they’re not as visible as traditional orthodontic braces. Adults, especially those who face different types of people daily, don’t have to worry about getting seen wearing invisible aligners.  

  • They Are More Comfortable 

Compared to metal braces, aligners are more comfortable because you don’t have to deal with wires and brackets that may hurt your gums or lips. Clear aligners may take a while to get used to, but discomfort may last only for a short time because they are molded onto your teeth, and there are no poking wires.       

  • They Help Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Apart from teeth malocclusion, traditional braces trap food and eventually cause oral problems if the user isn’t diligent enough to clean their teeth. On the contrary, clear aligners can be removed, and patients can carry on with the cleaning, brushing, and flossing their teeth without extra effort.

Cons Of Clear Aligners 

While an orthodontist plays a crucial role in the treatment, much of the efficacy of clear aligners will depend on user compliance. Below are the additional downsides to using clear aligners.    

  • They Must be Worn 22 Hours Daily

Clear aligners are designed to be removed only when necessary. They must stay attached to your teeth for 22 hours, even while you’re sleeping. If you’re busy or are prone to forgetting things, you may fail to put them back in your mouth. When this happens, your treatment period and efficacy will be impacted.  

  • Cost, Duration, And Efficacy Depends On The User 

As mentioned earlier, it takes self-discipline to wear clear aligners for maximum efficiency and efficacy. Removing your aligner will prolong the treatment period and may cause severe discomfort every time you remove and wear it several times a day. Additionally, you may not achieve your desired results if you don’t comply with the treatment process.      

  • Will Cause Speech Challenges 

One of the most common complaints from adults wearing clear aligners is that it interrupts their speech. Since the plastic mould will cover some parts of your mouth, you’ll likely have difficulties speaking particular words. However, this is often temporary and part of the adjustment period.    

Key Takeaway 

Clear aligners may be a promising treatment if you suffer from teeth gaps, overcrowding, and bite problems. This corrective dental device isn’t as prominent as traditional braces and requires fewer routine adjustments than the former.    

Now that you know the pros and cons of using clear aligners, you’ll better understand what questions to ask your dentist as you discuss the best treatment for your dental concerns. 

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