The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Dental Implants Over Dentures

Your smile is the first gift you give to anyone you meet, like your calling card. Unfortunately, a bright smile full of healthy teeth is not something everyone is privileged to have. There are numerous reasons people would lose their teeth, including not taking care of them, using certain medications or some illnesses. 

Not being able to eat correctly is a problem many people face when losing their teeth. However, various options are available to consider, depending on the solution they would need. Two popular choices among people needing new gnashers are dental implants and dentures. 

Everyone should be aware of the pros and cons of choosing dental implants over dentures. Below is a look at how they compare: 

The Difference  

Dental Implants consist of a part going into the jaw bone to which the dental surgeon will attach a cap that looks like an actual tooth. The implant looks like a metal screw with a ball on the other end. The ball is intended for the tooth to adhere to it. The patient will have to see a dentist and dental surgeon. After a few consultations, they’ll advise the patient on the best approach. 

Dentures are usually a whole cast of the upper or lower jaw and gums on the inside of the mouth. Technicians would then mold the dentures around this cast and insert fake teeth into it where the patients’ teeth would have been. A dental technician will form the model and do the measurements in the dentist’s chair. After this, it takes a day or two to prepare the dentures before sending them back to the dentist to fit inside the patient’s mouth. 

The Pros Of Dental Implants 

One of the best features of dental implants is that they operate like regular teeth. There’s no need for special tools, cleaning methods, or other accessories to take care of them. They can be so natural-looking that many can’t distinguish between regular and implanted teeth. 

Having dental implants installed is a long-lasting solution. Some people even have them for the rest of their lives without any issues. The screw that goes into the jaw bone is made from titanium, making it super strong and durable. 

The erosion of bone in the jaw over time is a concern for dentists. Dental implants prevent that from happening, which keeps the other teeth more stable and in line while also maintaining the facial structure. 

The Cons Of Dental Implants 

The procedure for dental implants is done in a facility by a dental surgeon with the option to choose among different kinds of anesthesia. It may involve a painful recovery period, and the risk of infection is relatively high if patients neglect their specified aftercare. 

Surgery risk factors may include:

  • Smoking
  • Pre-existing medical conditions which may affect the healing process
  • Current medications or treatment like chemotherapy  

Dental implant surgery could be costly that medical insurance companies won’t necessarily cover. The enormous costs are a massive drawback for people who aren’t financially able to afford the procedure. 

If any complications arise, the patient may have to go back to surgery to take care of the situation, like many infections or breakages of the jaw bone. 

Dental Implants Compared With Dentures 

There are a few reasons patients would choose implants instead of dentures. Convenience seems to be the frontrunner of reasons as dentures have to be removed to be cleaned or sometimes glued in place. They affect speech because they lay across the roof of the mouth. Moreover, wearers would have to avoid some food types. None of these are usually issues when having dental implants. 

Aesthetically, dentures are referred to as false teeth because people spot them from afar as they don’t always resemble natural teeth. In contrast, dental implants are harder to recognise and could mimic real teeth. 

Compared with each other, some aspects set each apart. If both options are side by side, patients would have to consider which would suit them best. 

The Conclusion 

Patients will ultimately have to make up their minds about which option they prefer, but it is clear that there are many positives to having dental implants. Although dentures seem more alluring in terms of costs, dental implants look more natural and ensure that patients can continue their current lifestyle. 

Candidates that qualify for a dental implant procedure would not regret having them done. Receiving a new smile to be proud of is enough to show off each chance they get as it’s a smile that would last them a lifetime. 

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