Top Expert Tips to Keep Your Teeth White and Healthy

A bright white smile can contribute to your professional and personal life in more ways than one. From making you look more attractive to more confident and responsible, healthy white teeth are just one of the factors that contribute to your advancing in life. So, if you’ve been looking for the best tricks to maintain a healthy oral cavity, we’ve got the scoop.

Eat teeth-friendly foods

We all know that gummy, chewy, sugary candy is often irresistible. However, it is also detrimental to your teeth. All the foods that contain high sugar levels should be on your not-to-eat list. Instead, introduce healthy sugars such as fruit into your diet. Vegetables, cheese and other dairy products that contain high levels of calcium will be the best choices for your teeth. Skip crunchy crisps and lean more towards whole grains and vegetables.

Brush and floss religiously

Australia’s biggest dental experts can’t emphasize enough how vital good oral hygiene is for your oral health. From plaque to cavities, you can end up with a series of problems, if you’re not paying enough attention to how many times you brush and floss your teeth. On top of that, it’s also important to know how to brush your teeth properly. That will help you eliminate all the bacteria, even from the most unreachable areas. Morning and bedtime brushes are the most important, but it’s also recommended to clean your teeth after every meal. Wait at least 30 minutes after you’ve done eating to brush your teeth and keep them white ad shiny.

Book a professional teeth whitening appointment

Yellow teeth are many people’s worst nightmare that they can’t seem to get rid of. Having a professional teeth whitening treatment can successfully solve the problem of sallow teeth and bring back confidence to you. Look for the nearest dentist that does the best teeth whitening Australia has to offer and ensure yourself a flawless Hollywood smile. On top of that, you can have a consultation and ask about the necessary oral care that you can do at home in between the treatments. Good dental habits are a prerequisite to having a pearly white smile, so a lot of that depends on you and your at-home dental routine.

Avoid cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is a guaranteed way to make your teeth less attractive and yellowish. Aside from causing a sallow shade on your teeth, smoking is also bad for your health. That’s why it would be best to quit and start living a healthy, vice-free life. Not to mention that the smell of cigarettes will eventually sneak into every corner of your home, wardrobe and your body. From yellow, smelly fingers to unappealing clothes, the last thing you want is to smell like cigarettes and look like you can’t put the pack down. So, start breaking the habit and embrace healthier lifestyles that will help you bring back the old pearly white shine to your teeth.

Don’t forget that H2O

Drinking at least 1 litre of water a day offers numerous benefits to your body. From keeping the skin plump and glowing to keeping your oral cavity fresh, hydrating your body every day should be your imperative. After consuming coffee or eating, your mouth will be a breeding ground for unpleasant aromas. If you drink water after a meal or after coffee, you’ll cancel out the odours and flush out all the build-up from the tongue. Not to mention that your body will be thankful you’re feeding it the essence of life daily and keeping it fresh.

Having white teeth won’t be the easiest task, but with a few tricks, you’ll tackle it. Just make sure you take care of your oral hygiene, avoid unhealthy food, visit the dentist regularly and stick to healthy life habits. Only then will you have the chance to look and feel flawless while enjoying a pearly white smile.

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