When Should One Go For Wisdom Tooth Extraction Melbourne?!

Do you know why people are going for the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Melbourne? Here are the exact reasons behind the extraction process, have a read.

Wisdom tooth is something which is present behind your last tooth and below your mouth tooth tissue. This tooth is not visible outside. It acts as a safeguard after the end tooth. This tooth is for protection. This tooth some times may decay due to some reasons and start paining and bleeding. In such cases it is mandatory for the person to extract the wisdom tooth. It is dangerous to be with the wisdom tooth with damage. Let see some of the reasons for Wisdom Tooth Extraction Melbourne.

Pain of jaw due to the wisdom tooth:

Sometimes you may get unbearable pain due to the wisdom tooth because of its growth imperfection.  If the wisdom tooth does not have the space to grow sometimes it can grow horizontally and cause heavy pain. In a jaw the wisdom tooth grows in different angles. Since the wisdom tooth remains within the gums hidden if they aren’t able to grow normally wisdom tooth is trapped in the jaw. In such cases wisdom tooth should be removed.

Infection of soft tissue behind the last tooth:

The soft tissues behind your last tooth sometimes may get infected. If the soft tissue gets infected then the wisdom tooth beneath the tissue will come out and make the infection uncurable. If the wisdom tooth is removed and soft tissue is stitched you can get rid of the infection by taking proper medicines. The soft tissue may get infected due to some wounds caused by you accidentally or unknowingly. First check whether the wound can be healed without removing the wisdom tooth and then check accordingly. Keeping the jaw behind the last tooth damage less can save this problem.

Sacs filled with fluids:

Since the wisdom tooth is grown in a sac within the Jawbone. These sacs can fill with the fluids which forms the cyst which damages the Jawbone, teeth and the nerves. Because of this a noncancerous tumor develops. This leads to the removal of bone and tissue. Sometimes may lead to the removal of the tooth also. Initially the dentist will try to clear the sacs but if any abnormal condition or infection occurs or it is unable to clear the fluid they tend to remove the wisdom tooth.


If the tumor gets developed in your mouth where the wisdom tooth is present then the wisdom tooth should be removed. Now a days there are many cancer/tumor diseases that gets developed in people’s mouth which may lead to the removal of wisdom tooth. Since removing the tumor in mouth makes the surgeon to remove or modify the areas nearer to the tumor, if the tumor is near wisdom tooth the wisdom tooth will be removed.

Nearby teeth damage:

If the nearby teeth get damaged the effect of the teeth spreads everywhere. If the damaged teeth are the neighboring teeth of the wisdom teeth then while removing the damaged teeth the wisdom teeth also should be removed. If the nearby tooth alone is removed without removing the wisdom teeth it affects the jaw bones because of ups and downs.

Disease in the Gum:

If there is any disease in the gum of the wisdom tooth then it leads to the removal of wisdom tooth. There are many gum related diseases like Periodontitis which causes heavy damage to the tooth. The tooth with such gum disease should be removed immediately. This disease can also affect the wisdom tooth and the wisdom tooth should be removed.

Extensive tooth decay leads to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Melbourne:

When the tooth starts decaying it causes strong pain and the tooth cannot be corrected with any other treatments without removing it. It should be removed. This tooth decay can also cause in wisdom tooth due to some reasons. Since the decayed outside tooth causes heavy pain the wisdom tooth which is inside will cause more pain than that. So, it is better to remove the wisdom tooth in such situation. This Extraction can be done without any pain by using anesthesia in the patient’s mouth.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, these are the reasons for the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Melbourne. Holistic Dental Wisdom tooth Dentistry is a reputed dentistry hospital located in 103/20 Collins street, Melbourne, Australia. This is lead by a well accomplished Oral surgeon Dr Prakash Kamath who is very much interested in dental surgery. With his patient approach skills and skillful works many patients were benefited by him in overcoming anxiety and fear. Also for the patients experiencing extreme phobia he provides happy gas sedation and some other modalities like sleep dentistry. With his eye of extensive, background of science, eye with artistic sense he brings individual and high quality personalized attention and care for each and every patients.

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