Can your Toothbrush ease your dental problems?

We always try to take good care of our health and skin needs by buying the best products for it but when it comes to dental health and hygiene the selection of products takes a back seat or the least priority. Just like every product has an expiry date so does the dental products that we use including our Toothbrush. Apart from visiting a dentist near me, you also need to follow proper dental hygiene including brushing your teeth.

Brushing twice a day

We have heard this a lot of time from our parents, dentists and commercial ads selling dental products. But what is the reason behind it? Our mouth can sometimes be a storehouse of food particles stuck in the crevices of our teeth. But we do brush first thing in the morning right? Yet after some time when we resume our intake of food, there are still food particles residing in our mouth and if we have less water intake it may result in a foul smell in our mouth. Brushing your teeth just before bedtime will remove the accumulation all throughout the day including the sweets that we have been eating and protect our teeth from conditions such as tooth decay.

Replacing old Toothbrush with new ones

The American Dental Association suggests every individual change their toothbrushes at least once in 3-4 months. The toothbrush’s ability to remove plaque from the teeth and gums starts diminishing from daily use. There is a myth among us that the bottom of the bristles is totally clean but it is not because with the course of time it becomes a house for fungus and bacteria. Once we realize that I am sure we all will make sure that we change the Toothbrush once in 2-3 months. If we can invest so much in cosmetic products why not on a toothbrush.

How to choose a good Toothbrush?

Not all the toothbrushes have to be replaced in 3 months, some of them have to be replaced sooner looking at the condition. The bristles of the toothbrush will tell you about the condition of your brush and its validity to be used as your means to clean your teeth. A widened and broken bristles are an indication to throw the toothbrush. There are types of bristles for different types of dental conditions such as we cannot use a toothbrush with a hard bristle if we have sensitive teeth because we may endanger our tooth enamel. People who have sensitive teeth must use soft bristles to clean their teeth to prevent further damage.

Risks that follow when you do not change the toothbrush?

For instance, if you happen to suffer from viral fever or cold and brush your teeth with a toothbrush that has bacteria build-up, it is possible that you may be reinfected once you are alright if you keep using the same brush. As mentioned earlier older brushes cannot remove plaque so it can harm your gums and cause a condition called gingivitis. We do not want to invite any such dental condition so make sure that you do not wait until you have a dental problem to change the brush. The toothbrush of any brand will wear out in a couple of months we just have to keep changing the brush for our own dental hygiene. So, make sure you replace your old brush every time.

We must follow the tips and suggestions of a dentist near me above to keep the unwanted dental conditions at bay. Because at the end of the day all the food that we love can only be enjoyed if you do not have issues like gingivitis or tooth decay. Keep smiling!

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