Is pulling out the infected tooth a good option?

At some point in time, people who are facing dental issues will have a problem with an infected tooth that may be very painful but is the removal of that tooth the only solution? There is also the case of the impacted tooth in adults with wisdom teeth that are not infected but grow in the wrong direction(inwards). All these problems will lead to one solution that is to remove the root cause: That tooth! Let us look at some of the reasons why dentists near me think it is not such a good idea to remove the tooth:

Artificial teeth may not be strong

With the advancement in technology, the material of the artificial teeth is of high quality. Even after that it somehow fails to be as strong as your natural teeth. The natural teeth also need to be taken care of but the artificial needs more attention. It is better to take care of natural teeth before you face any dental issues by maintaining good dental hygiene and avoiding the need for artificial ones.

An empty space

If you decided to remove the infected tooth and leave the space as it is without fitting an artificial it will still result in problems. There will be empty spaces and gaps that will give rise to the accumulation of food particles leading to more infection. It will be painful for you and you will not be able to enjoy the food you like because the bite alignment will be completely disturbed and you will have trouble in chewing properly. This will lead to loss of appetite and deterioration of your health.

Maintain your appearance

When we remove a tooth there is a slight change in the jaw alignment as the teeth support the shape of the jaw. There is a possibility that it will change the shape of your jaw that might affect your appearance.

More pain

Once you remove the infected tooth there will be an increase in pain due to a condition called the dry socket. Many people who remove the tooth complain of pain for days that cannot be easily treated. But if you tolerate the pain before removing the tooth and get some medical help in removing the infection then you can save your natural tooth. The excruciating pain with the dry socket is because the exposed space that is empty and the interaction of that space with the food causes more infections.

How to remove the infection?

While tooth extraction may seem to be the only option for relieving the pain associated with it there are other procedures such as root canal. This procedure will help you preserve your natural teeth and remove the infection by creating a space for the equipment to penetrate and remove the infected pulp. The tooth is then filled with a substance that strengthens the teeth and your natural tooth is back to being healthy again for you to chew on your favorite snacks. This will help in diminishing the pain and restoring the strength of your teeth. Therefore, consult a professional dentist before getting your tooth extracted.

Before you pay a visit to the dentist near me for removing your infected tooth, try to follow these methods that will ensure that your natural teeth are preserved. Anything better to be prevented before it occurs, therefore, try to maintain good oral hygiene to keep such problems at bay. Make sure to get good dental products and brush before bedtime to keep smiling with your original teeth and ask others to practice good oral hygiene too.

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