Overseas Dental Veneer Treatment Guide

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Do you want to have a great smile that you can proudly show off? Dental veneer treatment may be the best solution for you.

A lot of people want to improve their smile because it plays a big role in having self-confidence. Thanks to technological developments, there are various solutions to improve your smile, and dental veneers are practical and affordable options. Veneers are simply thin layers that implement just on your natural teeth to enhance the appearance. Because they cover the entire front surface of teeth and can be shaped however you would like, they can give you the smile you have been dreaming of. The cost of dental veneers is relatively high in Australia however it’s possible to combine your dental treatment with a holiday overseas.

What type of dental veneers are available?

Today, different types of dental veneers are used to give you a bright and straight smile. The most commonly preferred dental veneer types are composite, porcelain, Emax, laminate, and prepless veneers.

The most frequently used dental veneer material is composite. Composite veneer is made up of a composite resin material. They can directly and indirectly be implemented to cover the undesired look. Direct composite veneers take relatively more time than indirect veneers as indirect veneers need to be prepared separately for your need prior to the application. Adhesive bio-friendly chemicals are used to place veneers onto your teeth. Indirect composite veneers have a higher price point since they are more durable and custom made to fit your teeth perfectly.

Porcelain veneers are also a popular option for teeth appearance enhancement. Porcelain offers high durability and a long-lasting stainless look. Just like the indirect composite veneers, porcelain veneers are customised for your teeth. Your dental veneer specialist will make a mould of your dental shape and prepare the product according to your natural shape. The process may be finalised within 2 weeks.

A sophisticated type of porcelain is used for Emax veneers. Contrary to traditional porcelain, this material is transparent and much lighter. Even though it is lighter, Emax veneers are more durable than porcelain veneers and allow for a thinner veneer application. Furthermore, because Emax veneers are semi-transparent they offer a more natural look.

Laminate veneers, in other words dental laminates, are generally consist of composite or porcelain materials. However, laminate veneers are thinner than other veneer types that enhance the appearance of the teeth. Thanks to their thinness, the recovery period is shorter than other veneer types.

Prepless veneers are an innovative type of veneers that involve little to no prep work. Their thickness is almost one-tenth of a centimetre. Because they require no drilling or shaving, you can even take the veneers off and get back to using your natural teeth.

How long does a veneer treatment take?

Achieving brighter and straighter teeth with dental crowns does not take a long time at all. If the treatment does not involve preparing custom made veneers, it only takes around 3-5 days which is acceptable for a tourist. Preparing the custom-made veneers can take up to 2 weeks. However, your dental specialist will provided you with a set of veneers for you to use during the treatment process.

For how long can I use dental veneers last?

If you take good care of your new veneers and dental health, they may be used up to 20 years. However, in most cases, veneers require replacing after 7-10 years.

What is the cost of veneer treatment in overseas?

Turkey is the most preferred country when it comes to hair transplant and dental treatments. Experienced and qualified clinics in Turkey offer not only dental veneer but also all type of cosmetic and medical dental treatments. The price range of dental veneers can vary greatly depending on the veneer type. The veneers cost in Turkey is usually around AU$120-180. Similarly, the cost of a full set of veneers in Turkey can be approximately AU$8000.

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